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“European banks have very low levels of capital, meaning they are highly leveraged – having a great deal of debt relative to their equity. They are not in a position to withstand losses on their large portfolios of European government securities if, as seems likely, Greek problems cause a fall in the market price of Spanish, Italian, Belgian, or other euro zone sovereign debt.

The banks convinced themselves – and their regulators – that lending to all these governments was “riskless.” This was the structural mistake at the heart of the euro zone.”

via The Euro Zone’s Structural Problem – Room for Debate –

This is a very critical analysis and simple deduction. The global financial situations have to look past the proverbial “finger-in-the-dyck ” solutions . They have to, as this authir has done, get to the core matter and the priority solutions and grapple with the structural matters.

Cities ( wherein  over 50% of the world’s population resisde ) are facing an “Infrastructure Deficit ” ie they have crumbling and aged : roads, bridges, transportation systems, sewer , water and utilities and not enough capital allocated to the building and re-building of these critical infrastructure components.


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