Germany to close all nuclear plants by 2022   Leave a comment

The politics of energy  in Germany  or , should one say , energy has entered politics and the two are heavily entwined. Just reflect on your own jurisdiction and probably you too can note where there are issues of impact by energy production on the environment or other philosophical areas of society.

Germany to close all nuclear plants by 2022.

“Nuclear policy is heavily disputed in Germany and the issue has helped boost the Greens, which captured control of one of the CDU’s stronghold states, Baden-Wuerttemberg, in an election in March.

Merkel’s majority in the Bundesrat upper house vanished last year after the CDU failed to hold onto North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany’s most populous state. Losing Baden-Wuerttemberg, a vote held after Fukushima and fought in part over energy issues, dealt another blow to Merkel’s authority.”

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