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Innovation. Is it innate in us or is it a skill that can be fostered in individuals and our societies ? Either way , it is a hallmark of the health and the lifeblood of our economies and a secret to our prosperity.

“Perhaps the true genius of the modern economies that emerged in the 19th century was that they achieved mass innovation, by encouraging diverse business people to come up with new ideas, by requiring that these new ideas “make it” with the public, not the government, and by allowing these ideas to compete for the support of entrepreneurs and financiers possessing a pluralism of beliefs, so that ideas that were suspect because of their great novelty would have a chance.”

via What Matters: Supporting innovation: Why and how.

A great application of the information in this article about innovation is to see the evidence and stirrings of innovation in your own Community and Country . Thought Leadership is about stirring up that creativity and innovation and moving that forward to fruitful fulfillment for the betterment of all.

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