The dangers of bone-headed beliefs   Leave a comment

The dangers of bone-headed beliefs.

There are opinions and different sides to any argument. This column deals with the positions and beliefs surrounding climate change and generational responsibilities. 

I love words . The importance of words is that they are to convey descriptions, thoughts and concepts. Many words, bundled together comprise an argument.

But sometimes words have problems… they do not convey the concepts, thoughts , or ideas that the mind drawing them mean. Hence leading to misunderstanding.

This is where “argument” comes in. The current English useage and understanding slides over to the connotation of a divisive nature, a division of opinion with polarised positions and entrenchment on different sides.

Well, the actual Latin root word and meaning to our ” argument ” is  from arguere .. to make clear ” !

This author makes an argument , ironically by stating the polarised concepts and sides around this topic of Climate change and helps blow away the smoke so that we gain clarity.

If we can return to and maintain the original intent of argument then it can result in healthy discussion because we seek to be  clear about the facts of an issue and the need to act on the truth we receive as a result of the subsequent clarity.


Posted June 5, 2011 by arnoneumann in Climate_change

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