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“How does one go about creating an impact? There is a certain level of automated independence to the industrial revolution: build a model, scale it up and watch your margins increase.

This has created a ‘school of manufacturers’ whose teachings still dominate the thinking of many countries. Manufacturers work with a predetermined formula; feedstock + labour = final product.

Aluminium smelters, airlines and real estate developers do require a certain leap of faith but they also come with business plans.

Fostering innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship and cultural production requires a different mindset, perhaps a farmer’s one where a season of production is taken at face value; one that isn’t necessarily correlated to previous seasons and doesn’t necessarily serve as a teaser of future ones, only itself.

The continuity is driven by faith in the unlimited possibility that unchartered courses can provide. In other words, the wonders of adventure.

The issue is less about engineering growth and more about creating impact. What kind of world do we want to live in? What should our cities feel like? How do we let go of ownership without losing control?

Should we care about maintaining control more than creating value and building sound structures of governance around it?

Is there a role for the intelligentsia to play in all this? What about governments? Companies? What about wider society?

This kind of impact and unique competitive advantages that we should be seeking require a long view and persistence through experimentation, research and much failure.”


via gulfnews : An inquiry into creativity in UAE.


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