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Trees can provide aesthetic value but what other tangible value ? Cabon sequestation, energy savings through shade cooling, pollution reduction and more. The values add up significantly. Read in full…


“Beyond their aesthetic value, trees provide vital ecosystem services: cleaning the air, managing rainfall, storing carbon, reducing noise pollution and stabilising temperatures. Take out a tree, and you lose a free service. But until now, little assessment of the financial burden caused by the damage or destruction of local trees has been undertaken in the UK.

Torbay Council’s Arboricultural Services team is using i-Tree Eco software to measure the environmental services and corresponding financial values of local trees. The project, a collaboration involving Forest Research and Natural England, collects data on the way trees:

• save energy: their shade cools buildings in summer, and offers some shelter from winter winds

• store and sequester carbon (and at what rate)

• reduce pollution through filtration.

It will also assess the ‘structural value’ of the trees, including the cost of replacement. The findings will be used to establish a UK-wide benchmark for valuing trees.”

via Green Space in Cities: What’s a Tree Really Worth? | This Big City.

Posted June 19, 2011 by arnoneumann in Urban Sustainability

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