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…”Indeed, a number of countries have proven that a wide range of renewable energy technologies can be deployed to produce 20%, 30% and, theoretically, 100% of electricity or heating needs.

Take Germany, which plans to get 35% of its electricity from wind, solar, biomass and hydropower by 2035 and 80% from those resources by 2050. Germany’s experience suggests it may even pass those targets: From 2000 to 2010, the country increased its share of renewable electricity from 5% to 17%. Government officials predict that Germany will get beyond the 35% target before 2035. And the cost to ratepayers? The equivalent of a few dollars a month.

A project in Germany has also theoretically proven that existing renewable energy technologies can provide 100% of the country’s electricity. The Regenerative Combined Power Plant, a software-enabled “virtual power plant” was built in 2008 to allow the grid operator to call upon different renewable resources depending on demand and available supply. The project blended three wind farms worth 12.6 MW, 20 solar PV plants totaling 5.5 MW, four biogas systems equaling 4 MW and a pumped storage system with 8.4 GWh of storage.”…


via Why clean energy can scale today | ThinkProgress.

Targets, economies of scale , policy and practical considerations interplay to reach the ratios of renewables in the supply of energy .Read more…


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