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Chris Brogan , well known social media blogger , speculates on some of the implications and impacts of Google + .  I concur that it is not critical to be perfect or comprehensive in the speculation , rather , do some thinking about the topic and play with the tool. That is how we learn and evolve…


“Again, the point isn’t to be right. The point is to get you thinking on any of these potential directions above, and thinking about how it might impact you, or your clients, or your company, and the like. You’re definitely encouraged to share your own perspective of what else Google+ might mean. Speculate. It’s something we’re allowed to do as bloggers. So share your thoughts. Disagree. That’s the whole purpose of doing a post like this. But also, take time to speculate on what WILL happen, because I feel some of these possible futures are closer at hand than you or I can imagine.”

via The Google Plus 50.

Posted July 3, 2011 by arnoneumann in Google

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