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Ask anyone in sports….which is more important : Attitude or Aptitude ? At the higher levels of any profession , attitude will always triumpf over the abilities. At  some point abilities are equal and the 1/1000’s of a sec come from the mental edge .

Even from a less than  Olympian  perch , our attitude will deliver great advantage.

“When asked which was more important – mindset or skill set – when choosing who to hire, promote, give a higher raise to and retain in a downsizing, a survey of thousands of companies found mindset was favoured, by an average of 92 per cent of respondents. “Mindset utterly trumps skill set. Not by a little, but by a landslide.

That’s why trying to win the best jobs by doing yet-more skills training is like training for a marathon by doing sprints and hurdles,” James Reed, chairman of the Reed Global recruiting firm and Paul Stoltz, who has written extensively on overcoming adversity, write in a ChangeThis manifesto.

Your mindset is about what you see, think, and believe. Their research suggests three main criteria lead to success today:

via Why mindset can trump skill set – The Globe and Mail.”


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