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What a blessing that there are novel models in society that take the ” weak ” and empower them with their inherent strengths …not their imputed deficiencies.


“From the corporate perspective, hiring and managing people with disabilities has historically been seen as a burden, not an opportunity. But there is one industry in which many people with what would (elsewhere) be considered disabilities have thrived: information technology. “There are a lot of people who have been very important in the history of IT who would probably rate high on the autism scales,” explains Robert Austin, dean of the faculty of business administration at the University of New Brunswick, who is author of a Harvard Business Review case study on Specialisterne. “Some of the most brilliant people in the industry have been effective because companies have been willing to work with them.”

Austin says that businesses in general, as well as business schools, haven’t paid sufficient attention to the competitive value of employees with differences. “When you find somebody who is different there might be something remarkable and important in that,” he says.”

via A More Inclusice Work Force – NYTimes.com.

Posted July 6, 2011 by arnoneumann in Social Innovation

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