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Some have come across the term “disruptive thinking”. Here is an example of such an innovation….

“Hulu’s success also identifies the misconception that we “all” are going to be publishers or content creators. After all, if there were enough good content on Hulu, we wouldn’t need Fox, ABC and NBC. While more film makers have had their chances given new outlets, there’s still a value in telling a good story. So Hulu demonstrates the fact that there were at least two misconceptions of content and viewership. First, that the major networks could control a disruptive innovation, They are now afraid of the creature they’ve created. Second, that having a publicly available and free media for exchanging content meant that anyone could be a producer of content, and that would detract from the major producers. If anything, the web and Youtube have shown how important good storytellers and producers can be. Otherwise, it’s cats on skates all the time.

What shouldn’t be surprising to the major networks, or to any innovator, is that a real, disruptive innovation not only creates new products and services, but if it is truly disruptive it will change business models and distribution channels. The networks assumed they could control their innovation, but in fact their innovation to a great extent has impacted their business models in ways they didn’t expect. The interesting thing will be to see how the networks try to cut the Gordian knot and keep both their important channel partners, and web viewers, happy. Doesn’t seem like an easy solution.”

via Blogging Innovation » Old Models Disrupted by New Innovation.


Posted July 8, 2011 by arnoneumann in Innovation

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