Mongolia Prepares for Flood of Money as Copper, Coal ‘Supercharge’ Economy – Bloomberg   Leave a comment

A country on the proverbial outside is now being sought out for its physical mining resource wealth. Some protest the change and use methods to effect (environmental ) protection of their ways and culture . As admirabile as the goals and intent are , the methods are certainly opposite to Ghandi who espoused a non violent  approach . Aung SanSuu Kyi in Burma also holds to non  violence . May the stress from all the economic activity still allow the Mongols to achieve the social and environmental success they need …but within peaceful means.

““People are obsessed with money,” said Tsetsgee Munkhbayar, 45, organizer of the protest in Sukhbataar Square. With a face brown from years in the sun, Munkhbayar usually dresses in traditional Mongolian garb: a deel, the long robe generally worn with a sash, and a rounded, pitched helmet-like hat.

“The traditional Mongolian perspective of loving nature and mother earth is being forgotten,” he said. As a people we are at a dead-end. We must get ourselves away from the idea that economics is everything and that economics will save us.”

Fire Nation

Munkhbayar heads a coalition of environmental and nationalist groups called Fire Nation, which organizes protests against the rush to develop the mineral economy. Self-trained in environmental legislation, he hands out copies of the national mining law to a visiting reporter. Frustrated by what he says is the mining industry’s tendency to ignore land protections, Munkhbayar and others have taken to violent civil disobedience.”

via Mongolia Prepares for Flood of Money as Copper, Coal ‘Supercharge’ Economy – Bloomberg.

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