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Disruptive thinking refers to game-changing thinking. This can occur in any sector and field.

Would that we would be such change agents  and , as well , embrace the change that such leaders bring.

“See the full ranking, with profiles, here. ( click the link below ).

“Disruptive” is the operative word, and it is a thread running through the Tech 50. The idea harks back to The Innovator’s Dilemma, a 1997 book by Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen that explained how long-entrenched, industry-leading companies can fail to anticipate “disruptive technologies” or seize the opportunities they present.

Today’s financial services disrupters do not so much fear falling into obsolescence like Christensen’s 20th-century case studies — such as Digital Equipment Corp., which was blindsided by the personal computer — as they are eager to make innovative leaps to gain competitive advantages. Taking the productivity and efficiency afforded by automation as a given, executives see technology in a more opportunistic light: as a tool for growth.

Disruption defines why Reto Francioni and Duncan Niederauer, the respective CEOs of  Deutsche Börse and NYSE Euronext, jointly rank No. 1 on the Tech 50. Their agreement in February to merge and create the world’s biggest exchange organization was itself a disruptive, even provocative, strategic stroke. Now they face the further test of making their deal pay off in ways that few large-scale mergers do.

It falls to an executive team of seasoned technologists — including, besides Francioni and Niederauer, Deutsche Börse derivatives chief Andreas Preuss and NYSE president (and IBM Corp. veteran) Dominique Cerutti — not only to accomplish the essential systems integrations but also to develop and deploy disruptive, business-transforming, revenue- enhancing technology services as their company becomes bigger and more complex.”

via The Disrupters Institutional Investors Tech 50 | Institutional Investor.


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