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It is the integration of  information and knowledge  of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) subjects with the creative industries that results in industrial design innovation. That is the key at and success of Steven Jobs and Apple. The education process of design and technology needs to be fostered not only in the UK as in this article but in all countries desirous of staying at the forefront of product development.

“Dick Powell, co-founder and design director at Seymourpowell commented, “The impact of design education in the UK – from school right through to higher education and beyond – has been immense. With this campaign we hope to highlight the far-reaching benefits and prosperity delivered to the UK by design education, and raise awareness of the subjects’ crucial role in helping maintain Britain’s position as an international innovation leader”.

Sir James Dyson adds, “Inventiveness helps the economy. Design and Technology is the only lesson where young people can apply science and maths in a practical way. If D&T is sidelined where will the next generation of engineers, designers and inventors get their inspiration from?” ”


via Dezeen » Blog Archive » Creative Britain in Reverse? by Seymourpowell.

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