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“The Kaospilots is an alternative business school. Founded in 1991 by a group of people linked to social and cultural projects, is located in Aarhus, Denmark, in a former shoe factory. Its purpose is “to produce positive social change through personal growth.”

Kaospilots currently has one hundred students enrolled, of thirteen different nationalities, who may have gone to university or not. It offers a three-year program in “learning by doing.” The skills acquired by students are taking control of their lives, the ability to identify opportunities, leadership and teamwork. 30% of graduates work as entrepreneurs.

The Kaospilots does not want to be the best school in the world, but the best school for the world.

The school wants to be the site of linking learning and innovation. Each student develops their own potential and that serves to meet the continually changing scenarios of our world and participate in its progress. Students learn with mind, heart and body.

It’s work philosophy promotes four basic attitudes:

_ Activism: you can change anything in the world, and this means taking responsibility. The form of learning leads to action.

_ Creativity: creative activity going on every shift, it’s a way you do a development.

_ Collaboration: working as a team and promoting cultural diversity.

_ Contribution: participation is encouraged in what is happening around us.

The KaosPilots working on projects for sustainability and social innovation in locations around the world have promoted the national football team of Tibet have sent to Africa bicycles Danish disuse, other social innovation activities in Bogota, hospitals that try to save money working for potential patients that do not even go to the hospital in Denmark, and a project to be more efficient in supporting entrepreneurs in Andalusia(Spain).

Paul Natorp, one of the coordinators, talks about The Kaos Pilots in this video interview. ”

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