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“As long-time Australian Apple watcher Matthew Powell told me this morning, Jobs’s most important quality is that he understood from very early on that most people are not interested in technology for its own sake. People don’t want to “compute” with computers, they want to use computers to improve the way they do the stuff they like such as listening to music, reading the news or watching movies.

“From the very earliest days of Apple, and particularly with the Lisa and Macintosh projects, Jobs concerned himself with making computers work they way people expected them to rather than making people learn how the computer wanted them to work,” Powell said.

In implementing his philosophy, Jobs refused to be dictated to by the tech industry and commentators. His decisions to kill technologies like the floppy drive and leave out features from the iPhone such as Adobe Flash and removable batteries were widely derided but he stuck to his guns and most of the time was eventually been proven right.”

via Steve Jobs: the man who changed the way we live – Metro & Regional – National – General – Farm Weekly.

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