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Spaces have a role to play in our thinking and flow of noveau endeavours.

“A few weeks ago, four of them – Axelle Tessandier, Edward Harran, Gijs Burgmeijer, and Sagarika Sundaram – presented their experiences and projects and held a debate around the subject of creative spaces as a catalyst for “significant innovation.” Reflecting on the role of creative spaces for their innovations, they proposed three types of spaces: the mindset (brain space), the location and work environment (physical space), and the network (virtual space). They described how each of these had played a pivotal role in facilitating their projects: how the lack of privacy had occasionally fueled tensions between residents but also forced everyone to – literally – listen to other ideas; how the lack of boundaries between work and life had surfaced a growing quest for “meaning” in what you do; how “curiosity, risk-taking, and challenging the status quo” had been the key requirements for a fully immersive experience (and how some of the residents weren’t able to cope with these demands). They stressed that scarcity (space and time limits) had propelled intimacy and urgency and thus increased output intensity, and that in the face of the abundance of information and social connections on the web the experience of face-to-face collaboration had changed their concept of work: “It’s not who you know, but how well you know someone. Trust is becoming the biggest resource,” Palomar 5 participant Edward Harran put it.

via Creative Spaces and Innovation | Blog | design mind.


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