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“Walking through BrightSource’s solar project in a desert in Israel, you can hear the persistent sound of tiny chirps emanating from the more than 1,600 mirrors sticking out of the ground. The chirps aren’t coming from critters that have moved into the solar farm, but the noises are emanating from the gearboxes on the bases of those hundreds of mirrors, which are re-shifting very slightly every few seconds. Using sophisticated software BrightSource uses real time data about the location of the sun, the wind speed, the dust levels, and other info, to constantly tweak the mirrors to ensure the solar generation from the site is as efficient as possible.Keely Wachs, BrightSource’s Senior Director of Corporate Communications, regaled the chirping story to me recently while I was on a tour of another BrightSource solar project in California. Call the trend the Googlization of solar, or the way that software, big data, and wireless networks will help remake the modern energy infrastructure.”

via The Googlization of solar — Cleantech News and Analysis.

Posted September 8, 2011 by arnoneumann in Solar Technology

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