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“What really works on Facebook and, I’d argue, works even better since the most recent changes is that users can see who is sharing what. In. Real. Time. The picture or news story I share on Facebook isn’t just the news. The act of sharing is part of the news, too.



I share a story; friends comment on that story. Some share it on their own Facebook walls, as well. That brings more comments or likes from different people. All of this becomes part of the news.Again, Facebook didn’t create the idea of social news; it simply created a defined space for it online. When I was an newbie journalist, an editor passed down this sage advice: “You want to write a story so a reader spits out his coffee and says, ‘Martha, you’ve got to read this.’” That’s essentially what’s happening when you tweet a link to a news story on Twitter, or share a link to an article on Facebook. “Look, read this. It’s good. Or it’s awful.”Facebook capitalized on this idea with its latest changes. The right-hand feed tells Facebookers immediately who is sharing what, who is liking what, who is commenting on what. While we could always discover that information with some digging, what’s new is the immediacy: Facebook is treating the acts of commenting, liking, and sharing as news in its own right, rather than as mere mechanisms for spreading the news.”

via Like them or not, the latest changes to Facebook offer big ideas for news orgs » Nieman Journalism Lab.


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