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By all accounts, Jobs and Forstall had a close collaboration. Colleagues say Forstall would meet with Jobs frequently to show him the latest features for the iPhone and iPad, and return to his office with lists of things to change. Brockington, his longtime pal from childhood, recalls visiting the Forstall family last year only to find Forstall lying on his hammock on a Sunday, talking to Jobs on the phone. It’s well-known that Jobs loved to hang out in Jony Ive’s hardware design lab, looking over hardware. Another favorite spot was the user interface lab run by Forstall, located a floor above.

Jobs clearly took some pride in the young executive. “If the hardware is the brain and the sinew of our products, the software is their soul,” he said to a large audience at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June. He was referring in large part to Forstall’s work. Later that morning, as Jobs walked back on stage after Forstall had spoken about the latest version of iOS, he said to his protégé, “Good job.” Then Jobs faced the community of Apple loyalists for what would be the last time. “You like everything so far?” he asked. “Well, I’ll try not to blow it.” “

via Scott Forstall, the Sorcerer’s Apprentice at Apple – Businessweek.

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