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“TH: Can a person who wants to experiment with permaculture principles try them in an urban environment?

DH: Yes. For example, weve had a presentation on our website that is a positive view of the suburban towns, which are usually seen as the most unsustainable form of living, since they are car dependent.

From a permaculture point of view, the suburbs are very adaptable to the future of continuous energy descend were facing, whereas the high density cities are more problematic to redesign.

There are many strategies about how we can change the way we live in the suburban landscape producing food in the gardens, start adapting buildings to make them more independent self heating, self cooling, collecting water of the roof and reusing it.

Another powerful idea connected to food supply in cities is community supported agriculture, where a group of people have a financial relationship with a farmer usually not far away from where they live, who provides most of their organic fresh food in a box every week and they pay in advance for this.

This forces the farmer to grow many different things, and makes the consumer eat with the seasons. So it drives the production system towards a more ecologically balanced approach, and the consumer to change his behavior in a way that is synchronized with the region and environment where they live.

This is expanding rapidly in Australia and is popular in California, but comes originally from Japan, where 5.5 million households get their food directly from farmers.”

via The TH Interview: David Holmgren, Co-Creator of Permaculture : TreeHugger.

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