Is Origami the Future of Tech? – Businessweek   Leave a comment

There is a a paradigm shift in science and technology stemming from some basic observations from origami- paper folding.  Whole article worth unfurling…

Folding is, at heart, a geometry problem, and the groundwork for much of the new research is being laid by mathematicians. The increasingly ingenious applications, though, are driven by collaborations between engineers, scientists, and programmers: “Biologically inspired engineeringis an ambitious new way of doing science that treats living organisms like mechanical systems. Just as the diameter of a gear or the strength of a spring determines how a clock works, the shape and tensile qualities of folded proteins determine their roles in the countless processes that keep the human body running. Deciphering those relationships and building off of them are part of what the new science of folding is about.

via Is Origami the Future of Tech? – Businessweek.

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