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….”words are supremely important for Nahhas. The singer does not like flat lyrics; she likes to sing words that stir the audience’s feelings, inspire emotion, and trigger a personal interpretation. “Storytelling is another important thing, you have to tell something through the song,” she says. “I like the song to reveal a story, an idea. It’s never just a song.

Nahhas associates herself with a league of experimental Jordanian artists, including Jadal, Aziz Maraka, Tarek Al-Nasser. She reveals that there is an underground music movement in Jordan, and there is an audience for modern music that has accumulated over the past decade.

The contemporary Jordanian music scene is only about 10 years old, says Nahhas. But it was born out of “a need for young musicians, a whole generation demanded new and more modern music,” Nahhas says.

She explains that the fact that Jordanian music scene has recently flourished is due in part to the increasing audience that grew bored of traditional, old-is-gold music, and sought more current tunes that better matched their identities and lifestyles. In the meantime, many Jordanians studied music and arts abroad, and returned to establish their own cultural centres that promoted local talents. Exposure to the world’s musical arena through social media also spurred a movement of indigenous music, she explained.

In the upcoming months, the Jordanian will take her contemporary Arabic pop tunes on a US and Canada tour, including a performance at Montreal’s Festival du Monde Arabe (Festival of the Arab World).

Through creating music, Nahhas discovers where she stands in the world, and why she’s here at all. For the Jordanian singer, music is life. ”

via Jordanian singer Macadi Nahhas puts on soulful Cairo show – Music – Arts & Culture – Ahram Online.

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