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One World Trade Center: Construction Progress – In Focus – The Atlantic   Leave a comment

Caption on picture 24 : “Ironworkers James Brady, left, and Billy Geoghan release the cables from a steel beam after connecting it on the 104th floor of One World Trade Center, on August 2, 2012 in New York. The beam was signed by President Barack Obama with the note: “We remember, We rebuild, We come back stronger!” during a ceremony at the construction site June 14. Since then the beam has been adorned with the autographs of workers and police officers at the site.”

AN : the 104th floor of the 110 floors of the former World Trade Ceneter Towers was a key floor in the crash of the plane into the tower.

via One World Trade Center: Construction Progress – In Focus – The Atlantic.

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Well said. Succinctly said. Space constraints comment reminds me of how the Japanese pay attention to smallness, to detail and presentation. Much more appealing than volume. Advertising gets the concept too….less is more. AN.

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Coming Soon: A Privately Run City To Create Development In The Developing World | Co.Exist: World changing ideas and innovation   Leave a comment

“Honduras is set to play SimCity for real, albeit without the economist who devised the rules of the game. Last Tuesday, the government signed an agreement with private investors led by Michael Strong–a libertarian entrepreneur and close associate of Whole Foods co-founder and CEO John Mackey–to construct a city-from-scratch in one of at least three special development regions (“las Regiones Especiales de Desarrollo” or “REDs”) scattered around the country.”

AN : the article is a backgrounder in the attempt to set up a novel  solution to expedite economic development at an country level via establishing a  “govenance within a governance structure ”  model ….. starting in Honduras.

via Coming Soon: A Privately Run City To Create Development In The Developing World | Co.Exist: World changing ideas and innovation.

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Re-thinking School Architecture in the Age of ICT | A World Bank Blog on ICT use in Education   Leave a comment

“For many years the OECD has run programs that have explored various topics in architecture for education and has supported a related Centre for Effective Learning Environments [pdf]. It maintains a useful Database of Best Practices in Educational Facilities Investment and every few years publishes a sort of showcase document highlighting new and best practices in school design around the world.  The latest volume, Designing for Education: Compendium of Exemplary Educational Facilities 2011, is well worth browsing, as a related slide presentation from Professor Christian Kühn of Technical University of Vienna and a short essay from 2010 by Peter Lippman which asks, Can the physical environment have an impact on the learning environment?

Whatever decisions are eventually reached, considerations of ICTs use in schools as well as planning related to school architecture should flow out of larger, more fundamental considerations of the educational strategies and learning philosophies at the heart of a schooling system, and of the role of education in helping communities and societies realize their larger developmental objectives.”

AN :  Information & Communication Technologies can impact on the action and environment of schooling and learning.


via Re-thinking School Architecture in the Age of ICT | A World Bank Blog on ICT use in Education.

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Why Creativity Necessitates Eclecticism: Nick Cave’s Influences | Brain Pickings   Leave a comment

“What Dostoevsky has to do with the hunchback of Notre Dame, Muhammad Ali, and dandelions.

As a firm believer in combinatorial creativity, I’m always interested in the ecosystem of influences and how we honor those who inspire us. Reader Will Shaw points me to this handwritten note by music icon Nick Cave entitled “More Things to Remember…,” courtesy of Melbourne’s Arts Centre, in which Cave lists some of his influences. Will writes:

“It is clear that Nick Cave was only able to reach his significant artistic heights through appropriating ideas and aesthetics from his heroes and influences and melding them into something uniquely powerful.” ”


AN : interdisciplinary pollination of influences and ideas applies to the Sciences as well as the Arts….

via Why Creativity Necessitates Eclecticism: Nick Cave’s Influences | Brain Pickings.

Jordanian singer Macadi Nahhas puts on soulful Cairo show – Music – Arts & Culture – Ahram Online   Leave a comment

….”words are supremely important for Nahhas. The singer does not like flat lyrics; she likes to sing words that stir the audience’s feelings, inspire emotion, and trigger a personal interpretation. “Storytelling is another important thing, you have to tell something through the song,” she says. “I like the song to reveal a story, an idea. It’s never just a song.

Nahhas associates herself with a league of experimental Jordanian artists, including Jadal, Aziz Maraka, Tarek Al-Nasser. She reveals that there is an underground music movement in Jordan, and there is an audience for modern music that has accumulated over the past decade.

The contemporary Jordanian music scene is only about 10 years old, says Nahhas. But it was born out of “a need for young musicians, a whole generation demanded new and more modern music,” Nahhas says.

She explains that the fact that Jordanian music scene has recently flourished is due in part to the increasing audience that grew bored of traditional, old-is-gold music, and sought more current tunes that better matched their identities and lifestyles. In the meantime, many Jordanians studied music and arts abroad, and returned to establish their own cultural centres that promoted local talents. Exposure to the world’s musical arena through social media also spurred a movement of indigenous music, she explained.

In the upcoming months, the Jordanian will take her contemporary Arabic pop tunes on a US and Canada tour, including a performance at Montreal’s Festival du Monde Arabe (Festival of the Arab World).

Through creating music, Nahhas discovers where she stands in the world, and why she’s here at all. For the Jordanian singer, music is life. ”

via Jordanian singer Macadi Nahhas puts on soulful Cairo show – Music – Arts & Culture – Ahram Online.

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Innovation Excellence | Constraints and Creativity – schools of thought   Leave a comment

“There is a school of thought that says that creativity is enhanced by having all the resources you need. There is an equal and opposite view that suggests that limitations can be the spur to creativity. It is to this view that I want to turn. Starting with the gypsy jazz musician Django Reinhardt: …..

The parallel business innovation lesson from my background in pharmaceuticals is that many of the world’s breakthrough therapies were not discovered in sterile glass corporate buildings, but often in rather unpromising conditions, by people who had been starved of budget, resources and attention by the corporate centre. I’m not suggesting that this should become a modus operandi for running innovative businesses. Just that sometimes opulence does not produce the conditions where people give that extra effort that leads to innovative breakthroughs.

At a personal level, give someone all s/he needs and he may use those resources to come up with something ingenious. Tell him or her that it’s impossible or there isn’t time and they might spend a lot more effort proving you wrong. Clearly this is not an absolute truth in all circumstances, but it’s widely ignored.”

AN : do watch and listen to the inspiring stories  in the accompanying videos in the link….

via Innovation Excellence | Constraints and Creativity – schools of thought.

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