High-Speed Photography Turns Water Droplets Into Liquid Sculptures   Leave a comment

The water droplet is the quintessential cliché of high-speed photography. Any Internet search will produce a dizzying number of bursting and rippling liquid surfaces. Yet in the right hands, even the familiar can be extraordinary. Markus Reugels, a German amateur photographer who has perfected the theme, has produced an exhaustive catalog of his favorite subject captured in every conceivable, fleeting pose.

AN : what would technology be without something to focus on…and what would that which  captivates  in turn reflect back except  inherent beauty of thought and design ?  Scientific and medical photography have revealved not only the mysteries of life but also its amazing symmetry and order. Pollen grains under magnification are unique to the point of being a botanical identification tool….at the same time they are objects of art in themselves.

Markus Reugels takes his passion and makes it come to life…even if it captures a millisecond of time.  Kudos to him and those who similarily follow their passion in capturing images for us to enjoy.

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Posted October 22, 2012 by arnoneumann in Photography

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