Mind Twisting Futuristic Holographic Light Sculptures   Leave a comment

“Artist and light sculpture pioneer Makoto Tojiki is one of the most brilliant sculptures in modern day. He mainly works with light, and what fits better in a futuristic home than a couple of innovative light sculptures, right? His artwork, called No Shadow, has become a viral sensation and can only be described as a cord carbon copy of the holographic system. Standing at a distance will make it appear as such, and even if you walk up to it to take a closer look, you will be amazed by the accuracy that Makoto managed to implement into his sculptures with just a few lights.”

AN : the intersection and integration of Art, Light and Technology are vividly displayed here.


via Mind Twisting Futuristic Holographic Light Sculptures.

Posted November 3, 2012 by arnoneumann in art, Light, Technology

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