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Why Famo.us matters

I am of the belief that apps of tomorrow have to be data informed and as such need to be able to take in a lot of information, and render it in a simple and easy to use, touch-oriented manner. So, when Newcomb announced the company and showed his demo at Disrupt, I got quite excited because I believed that they had developed technology that would allow us to solve the vexing problem of a data soaked future.

At Disrupt, Newcomb showed off a periodic table that could be manipulated to call up data behind each element. Now imagine a similar immersive interface that sits in front of Pinterest, eBay or Mr. Porter for a new kind of online store front. Or imagine a brand new way of interacting with Facebook photos and data. You get the drift!

The real opportunity for the company could be working with larger players who desperately need a way to stay relevant in the bi-polar world of Apple and Google. In a time when we are swimming in a sea of mediocre and meh startups, Famo.us clearly has a big, hairy audacious idea. Today it is almost famous. And if things go right – that is, developers sign up – then Famo.us will truly be worthy of its name.”

AN: this curated posting is perhaps more esoteric to some as it is technophile orientated. It is however, in the disruptive technology realm and giving this more exposure  is simply a heads up to something that will most likely expand in a viral fashion amonst web developers who “get it “. The public will see and hear more about this soon I am sure.

via Unlike Facebook, Famo.us thinks HTML5 rocks. Here is why. — Tech News and Analysis.

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