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BBC News – Kelvin Okafor pencil drawings amaze art critics   2 comments


BBC News – Kelvin Okafor pencil drawings amaze art critics.


AN; Amazing talent ! Watch the brief video interview  in the BBC story in the link.


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BBC News – The Middle East conflict at 35,000 feet   Leave a comment

It is not just the election results that show that Israelis have different views about who should be running the country: a flight to Tel Aviv can provide a glimpse into some of the simmering tensions in the Middle East.

The conflict was awfully familiar.

The Israelis were arguing with the non-Israelis, and indeed with each other – over who was entitled to what territory.

Some were polite, but others more hostile. It was an ugly scene. At one point, I thought people might well come to blows.

And still they could not sort it out. Who was supposed to be in what seat? The plane had not even taken off yet, but already Flight 2085, from Luton to Tel Aviv, had become a microcosm of the Middle East.

via BBC News – The Middle East conflict at 35,000 feet.

AN : I loved this story… a rather humorous, tangental view of the Middle East conflict which takes place in the setting of a plane. Oh, where is the Easy Jet pragmatism in International diplomacy and conflict resloution when you need it !!! 🙂

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Some very pragmatic and socially conscientious suggestions to think ahead about when escaping your own politcal / cultural boudaries and travelling !

Emerald Traveler

Ethical Traveler recently published Thirteen Tips for the Accidental Ambassador, ethical advice for properFlags of the World attitudes and thought processes when traveling to other countries.

Every time I enter a new country, I make sure I know the following: the currency, the main language, religious beliefs, a bit of current and historical politics (only a few facts and figures), and the policy on tipping.  My philosophy is that if you have this basic foundation, you’re good to go.

Here are Ethical Traveler’s tips for the Travel Diplomat:

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    Be aware of where your money is going, and patronize locally-owned inns, restaurants, and shops. Try to keep your cash within the local economy, so the people you are visiting can benefit directly from your visit.

  • 2

    Never give gifts to children, only to their parents or teachers. When giving gifts to local communities—from schoolbooks to balloons, from pens to pharmaceuticals—first find out…

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Cornell University – World’s largest natural sound archive now fully digital and fully online.   Leave a comment

World’s largest natural sound archive now fully digital and fully online.

“In terms of speed and the breadth of material now accessible to anyone in the world, this is really revolutionary,” says audio curator Greg Budney, describing a major milestone just achieved by the Macaulay Library archive at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. All archived analog recordings in the collection, going back to 1929, have now been digitized and can be heard at

via Cornell University – World’s largest natural sound archive now fully digital and fully online..

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BBC News – A Point of View: Staring at the Shard   Leave a comment

” Will Self confesses to being dazzled by the skyscrapers that dominate urban skylines, but wonders if they have overshadowed visionary dreams of making cities better places to live.It was said of the French writer Guy de Maupassant that he ate dinner in the restaurant of the Eiffel Tower every night of the week, and when asked why, replied, “Because its the only place in Paris from where you cant see the Eiffel Tower.” ”

AN : lovely little literary walk starting within  the heart of London and thenceforth into the realm of thought of architecture and the core value of living in cities. Much, much more can be said on this topic….as  residents who live in cities vary from 9% urban dwellers in Bhutan to 97% in Belgium. ( world avg 50+% ).

via BBC News – A Point of View: Staring at the Shard.

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Inspirational photographic innovation : Matthew Albanese” ” Strange World ” flickr photo series….

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Turn Your Daunting Project Backlog into a Fun and Actionable QR Code To-Do List   Leave a comment

“There’s no way around it: using a to-do list is boring. Perhaps you enjoy making the list, but when you need to choose an item you’re faced with a daunting page of text. If you want to forego the dull and standard structure, here’s a system that’ll bring a little fun and surprise to your task management.”

AN : the New Year brings with it new and re-newed resolutions. Here is an article with some steps to handle the traditional To Do list in a more creative and random manner. Enjoy.

via Turn Your Daunting Project Backlog into a Fun and Actionable QR Code To-Do List.

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