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Some very pragmatic and socially conscientious suggestions to think ahead about when escaping your own politcal / cultural boudaries and travelling !

Emerald Traveler

Ethical Traveler recently published Thirteen Tips for the Accidental Ambassador, ethical advice for properFlags of the World attitudes and thought processes when traveling to other countries.

Every time I enter a new country, I make sure I know the following: the currency, the main language, religious beliefs, a bit of current and historical politics (only a few facts and figures), and the policy on tipping.  My philosophy is that if you have this basic foundation, you’re good to go.

Here are Ethical Traveler’s tips for the Travel Diplomat:

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    Be aware of where your money is going, and patronize locally-owned inns, restaurants, and shops. Try to keep your cash within the local economy, so the people you are visiting can benefit directly from your visit.

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    Never give gifts to children, only to their parents or teachers. When giving gifts to local communities—from schoolbooks to balloons, from pens to pharmaceuticals—first find out…

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