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Meet the translator: Elena Montrasio, who brings you talks in Italian   Leave a comment

TED has become a pervasive gathering and sharing tool for ideas. Definitely worth speading…..and not just in the English lingua…..

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ElenaMontrasio2TED Talks are available in 100 languages, from Albanian to Vietnamese, thanks to the tireless work of our translators. So far, more than 9,400 volunteers have created the upwards of 40,000 translated talks. To celebrate this huge accomplishment, every week the TED Blog will be bringing you a Q&A with one of our most prolific translators. Today, meet Elena Montrasio.

Where do you live and what do you do by day?

I live in London, U.K. I am a professor of Italian as a foreign language but at the moment I work as a literary translator.

What drew you to TED?

The desire to participate in a volunteer program where I could contribute my skills. That and general interest in the topics that TED deals with.

What was the first talk you translated and how did you pick it?

[ted_talkteaser id=23]My first talk was Peter Gabriel’s. I chose it…

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