The Smart Home: Where Design, Technology Intersect – Businessweek   Leave a comment

The ” Intelligent Wired Home “…… Nest Thermostat.

Part of a much larger picture of Building Automation …….lives and liveability intersecting.

The Smart Home: Where Design, Technology Intersect – Businessweek…..the video ( see within this link ) expands

on the basic explanation of the core technology.

Core technology  described at :

“The Nest Learning Thermostat™ was designed to keep you comfortable while helping you save energy. Nest turns itself down when you’re away, optimizes itself based on what kind of system you have, gives you a detailed Energy History and monthly Energy Report and can be controlled from anywhere over Wi-Fi by a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Meet the Nest, the World’s First Learning Thermostat

Your thermostat controls almost half your energy bill — more than TVs, computers, appliances and lighting combined — but a lot of that energy is wasted. A properly programmed thermostat can cut your heating and cooling bills by 20%. The problem is 89% of thermostats are rarely or never programmed. They’re just too complicated.

The Nest Learning Thermostat is simple. Nest works with its owners’ lives because Nest doesn’t need to be programmed: It remembers your temperature adjustments and programs itself.”


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