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With the nervous system, personalization inevitably happens through familial, social, and cultural relations, contexts and meanings. At the same time, the personalization involves neural wiring, epigenetic mechanisms, and developmental canalization. It is biocultural in the utmost sense of the word. And trying to make sense of these mutual dynamics is one of the main themes of the Culture, Mind and Brain conference that will take place in Los Angeles in a couple weeks.

In other words, “personalized medicine” cannot be disembodied medicine, forgetting the reciprocal interactions between the person’s nervous system and the developmental and social processes that help define who that person is, not just in the sense of identity but also at the level of basic neurological function. Personalized inevitably is social; personalized medicine should be too.”

AN : mental and emotional health are entwined with the social mileu of an individual. Any pathology can be positivly influenced by ones environment.


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How to train your mind to remember anything –   1 comment

Powerful and inspiring to increase our capacity  to remember . The story behing the book and a TED

talk included in the report….

The ” book “Moonwalking With Einstein”, the art of remembering better in memory competition — and to remembering better in everyday life — is about figuring out how to turn capital “B” Bakers into lowercase “b” bakers.

It’s about taking information that is lacking in context, lacking in meaning and figuring out a way to transform it so that it makes sense in the light of all the other things that you have floating around in your mind. Pridmore uses a complicated technique to memorize decks of playing cards and strings of binary digits, but we can all take advantage of the Baker/baker paradox.

If you want to make something memorable, you first have to make it meaningful.

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Being Bilingual Is Good for Your Brain – Education – GOOD   Leave a comment






Being Bilingual Is Good for Your Brain – Education – GOOD.

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