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Behind the scenes during a Vancouver Convention Centre dinner   Leave a comment

Behind the scences meal preparation and the culinary  philosophy of the Vancouver Convention Center  Executive Chef  Blair Rasmussen. Neat stories and video / interview.

“As a fly on the wall I should have been squashed, considering where I was, in the 10,000-square-foot, stainless steel-clad kitchen of the new Vancouver Convention Centre (East).

In fact, I was invited behind the scenes to watch how a meal for 875 guests gets from kitchen to table. It was a fundraiser for the Vancouver police department’s Odd Squad Productions, the charitable organization that produced Through a Blue Lens.

It was, comparatively, a slowish day. Earlier, the kitchen had cooked and served food for 14 events in the two buildings comprising the Vancouver Convention Centre. Often there are eight or nine dinners going on at once. The night before, they did a fundraising sit-down dinner for the provincial Liberal party in the same ballroom. This night, there was the banquet.

When it comes to food at the Vancouver Convention Centre, the buck stops at executive chef Blair Rasmussen. Some would see it as a shortcut to insanity; he, however, says it’s like walking across a log boom with the logs spinning under your feet. What fun, he thinks.

He says cooking for 1,000 to 1,500 is easy and normal. “Two thousand gets to be a challenge.” The largest event he’s handled is a sit-down vegetarian dinner for 4,200 women — a Buddhist women’s conference.

“The most important skill is patience,” he says. “There are constant interruptions as you try to get from one thing to the next.” An incredible memory and an incredibly strong team, he says, get him through the multitude of events.”

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