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“The data center is the factory of the new cloud economy and is a major inflection point for enterprise profitability.  Those who deliver the most apps, services, etc. per kilowatt/hour have a competitive advantage.  And with data centers accounting for close to 1.5% of electricity consumption in the U.S., increasing energy efficiency in the data center is becoming a strategic business and community imperative.”

via Data Centers: The Next Wave of IT Innovation | AlwaysOn.

“Today’s modern data centers are, on average, 30%+ more efficient than data centers built even five years ago, due to rising densities and the impact on electrical and mechanical innovation.  Well-capitalized tech companies (including Google and Facebook) have invested billions in data center innovation, from sophisticated water-cooling to internal rack architectures optimized for efficient airflow.”

This is an excellent overview of  the needs and constraints of data centers  . Energy requirements are a key component of data costs. As more and more info is going to cloud computing , the importance of efficient data centers becomes paramount.

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