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BBC News – Spain seeks compensation for E. coli blame   Leave a comment

“Tens of thousands of kilos of fresh fruit and vegetables grown in Spain are being destroyed, says the BBC’s Sarah Rainsford in Almeira, Spain’s “fruitbasket”.

Sales to supermarkets across Europe have ground to a halt, our correspondent says: not just cucumbers, but everything.”

via BBC News – Spain seeks compensation for E. coli blame.

Epidemiology is the branch of medicine that deals with the study of the causes, distribution, and control of disease in populations. The E.coli variant outbreak is an example of the field of epidemiology at work. It has microbiological science as its core tenet tool but is dynamic in its working.  The role of media relations and crisis public relations are an adjunct in situations like this , and , as the article mentions , has significant economic consequences in additional to the human , medical impacts.

Is Spain right to ask for economic compensation ? Could the respective governments been more pro- active in dealing with information ? Where did the original suspicion of contaminated Spanish fruit and vegetables come from ? Should the German regulators of food safety been more vigilant before letting laboratory results confirm or dismiss suspicions ?

Public Health &  epidemiological experts , government , media relations and legal experts will have their hands full on this one.

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