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Christie Blatchford in Hobbema: Where does the money go? | Full Comment | National Post   Leave a comment

A pithy question when one thinks of the state and plight of the First Nations in Canada. When one puts the spotlight onto the matter as to why so much much money is ploughed into the FN communities , with a paucity of  benefits to show…

“A principal cause is the degree of dysfunction in First Nations governance, which he describes as “unmatched in any other jurisdiction in Canada.””

“One of the most cogent policy papers I have ever read in my life is on this very subject, First Nations governance.

Written by a former federal bureaucrat named John Graham who has made aboriginal governance his bailiwick, it was produced for the Ottawa-based Institute on Governance, a non-profit think tank.

Now a private consultant, though still a senior associate at the institute, Graham wrote it in April of last year. It identifies 11 significant problems with First Nations governments that act as a brake upon reserve health.

The impetus was the revelation that despite significant increases to First Nation funding (for water, housing, education and economic development, plus residential-school healing), the gap in what’s called “community well-being” between the rest of Canada and reserves just keeps on growing.

Community well-being is how the federal aboriginal-affairs people measure health — using indices of education, housing, labour force and income.

“So why is the gap widening?” ”

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First Nations seek government-to-government relationship with Ottawa – The Globe and Mail   Leave a comment

Shawn Atleo, the National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) is getting and saying it right. When the FIrst Nations of Canada ARE clearly Nations in their own right , will we see a respect of their Peoples , culture ,  spirituality , history , language and contribution to the mosaic of Canada. Much more to be said on this  and I expect that we will see a further shaping of their Soverignty in the ongoing future .


“The treaties that were written before Confederation, the international courts, and the courts in this country have affirmed that negotiations between a government and indigenous people should be on a nation-to-nation basis, said Mr. Atleo. “What we have yet to have is a government with the political will to honour and uphold the recognition of the treaties and of aboriginal title and rights,” he said.

The time has come for a complete transformation of the relationship between Ottawa and the first nations, he said. “And I am really hopeful that the signals that have been sent by the Prime Minister and our work here in Moncton will result in the kind of change that our communities have been working for … ” ”

via First Nations seek government-to-government relationship with Ottawa – The Globe and Mail.

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