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Coffee Flour Coming Soon to the Baking Aisle – D-brief |   Leave a comment

Coffee Flour Coming Soon to the Baking Aisle – D-brief |

“By Carl Engelking | April 11, 2014 2:56 pm

Growing, harvesting and roasting the coffee beans for your morning cup of java generates a lot of waste. But a Vancouver-based startup company now turns coffee castoffs into bread, cakes and pasta dough.

Coffee beans are actually seeds, extracted from fruits called coffee cherries. Once coffee producers remove the beans, the leftover fruit is usually cast aside and left to decompose. That is, until a company called CF Global Holdings came up with a method to convert the discarded fruit into nutritious flour.

This coffee flour is gluten free and contains more iron than spinach, more protein than kale, and more fiber than whole grain flour, Businessweek reports. It doesn’t contain high levels of caffeine — a person would need to consume 16 slices of coffee flour bread to get the jolt of one cup of joe. And instead of tasting like coffee, the flour’s flavor has hints of floral citrus and roasted fruit.

“My wife made some shortbread cookies and granola,” CF Global’s Dan Belliveau told Businessweek. “When it actually tasted good we thought, wow, we’ve got something here.”

In addition to minimizing waste from coffee production, Belliveau also hopes the flour will help coffee growers take home additional income, and give them a leg up in a globally competitive market. Coffee flour is currently being produced in factories in Hawaii, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico and Vietnam. The flour should be available for purchase by next year, according to the coffee flour website.

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The Green Sheikh on Ramadan: Waste 2 Food or Food 2 Waste? | Green Prophet   Leave a comment

Interesting info about food and waste of food around the annual Feast of Ramadan.

“Every year more than 1.6 billion people around the world celebrate the amazing holy month of Ramadan, (learn how to green your holy month) fasting from dawn to dusk, abstaining from food, drink and sexual relations. Only those who are sick, elderly or on a journey, or women who are pregnant, menstruating or nursing are permitted to break the fast and make up an equal number of days later in the year. If they are physically unable to do this, then they must feed a needy person for every day missed.

A few years ago I wrote an Arabic article called “adaat wa ibadaat” which means literally in English “habits and rituals.” It focused on our daily habits of consumption and lifestyle during the month of Ramadan, taking its main message from the noble Qur’an: “Eat and drink but waste not by excess, for God loves not the wasters”.”

via The Green Sheikh on Ramadan: Waste 2 Food or Food 2 Waste? | Green Prophet.

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The New Geopolitics of Food – By Lester R. Brown | Foreign Policy   Leave a comment

“Already in 2011, the U.N. Food Price Index has eclipsed its previous all-time global high; as of March it had climbed for eight consecutive months. With this year’s harvest predicted to fall short, with governments in the Middle East and Africa teetering as a result of the price spikes, and with anxious markets sustaining one shock after another, food has quickly become the hidden driver of world politics. And crises like these are going to become increasingly common. The new geopolitics of food looks a whole lot more volatile — and a whole lot more contentious — than it used to. Scarcity is the new norm.”  More on the broader global food security issue…


via The New Geopolitics of Food – By Lester R. Brown | Foreign Policy.

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Next stop, the food desert: Fresh produce gets on the bus | Grist   Leave a comment

If you had any question that we need creative solutions to get healthy food to people in American cities, watch this. The problem is all too real.

via Next stop, the food desert: Fresh produce gets on the bus | Grist.

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