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Vast amounts of resources are being lost to leaky pipes – GlobalTimes   Leave a comment

“A total of 6 billion cubic meters of tap water are lost through leaking pipes every year in China, a country that faces chronic water shortages.

That’s enough water to turn Beijing into a four-meter-deep swimming pool, or meet a year’s demand for water in the provinces of Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi and Hainan, the Guangzhou-based Southern Weekly reported Friday.

China’s water problem is getting worse. This year, several provinces and municipalities along the Yangtze River which were previously rich in water resources, including Hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi, were hit by weeks of severe drought, leaving millions facing a shortage of drinking water and 166,000 hectares of farmland with no harvest. Drought also brought the threat of plague and higher grain prices.

Leaking pipes

The shortage makes the water leakage more unbearable. Leaking pipes resulted in a loss of 6 billion cubic meters of water in 2009, and so far no one seems to be taking responsibility for it, according to the China Urban Construction Statistical Yearbook 2009.

Water pipe leakage is a problem that every country faces, but in China, the rate remains high and seems to be getting worse, the Southern Weekly reported. ”

via Vast amounts of resources are being lost to leaky pipes – GlobalTimes.

Waste not- want not.

There are ‘smart solutions ‘ to this.

Knowing that you have a leaky pipe is the first line of offense. Smart meters can make early detection of probems with pipes underground .The quicker you discover the problem the quicker you should be able to address the problem

High density urban populations where the key water delivery occurs are under fiscal pressure to replace and proactively build solid infrastructure.

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