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What is “Innovation Journalism?” Does it have a future? | ZDNet   Leave a comment

This is an interesting topic and critical to our information processing form the traditional media sources ie newspaers, TV, magazines etc.

There is a requirement to process information quickly , but also with throughness and depth. There is simply too much happening in our world for any traditional media to process… hence the role and opportunity for bloggers, Think Tanks , consultants and Citizen Journalists.

A very good article  from Tom Foremski…I have not seen any other article with this angle yet.

What is “Innovation Journalism?” Does it have a future? | ZDNet.

“I’m spending much of this week at the 8th Conference on Innovation Journalism at Stanford University, speaking on panels, keynoting on ethics, and listening and discussing “innovation journalism” with journalists and academics.

But what is innovation journalism?

David Nordfors, the founder of the conference and Executive Director of the Stanford Center for Innovation and Communication, describes it in this way:

-It uses the same best practices of journalism that apply to quality reporting of any kind.

– It’s a way to describe a specific type of beat that produces stories that include elements of tech, business, culture, and political reporting.

– Calling it by a specific label: innovation journalism — allows people to discuss its unique qualities.

Journalism beyond the silo…

Mr Nordfors believes that journalism is stuck in silos: a story is either about politics, business, arts, sports, celebrity, etc. Innovation journalism is about reporting stories that cut across these silos and producing a far more valuable form of journalism about an important subject.

It’s certainly a more fulfilling form of journalism for a reporter, and one that produces a more interesting story for readers. So why don’t we see more of this type of reporting? “

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