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Mobile Industry is Now 2% of the Worlds GDP, Analyst Reports   Leave a comment

“Researchers for the Chetan Sharma Consulting group have put together a 2011 State of the Global Mobile Industry mid-year assessment and have come up with some very interesting results.The entire global mobile market weighs in at about $1.3 trillion or close to 2% of the worlds gross domestic product. Of that giant $1.3 trillion pie, about $300 billion is expected to be through data revenues. That means that people are starting to use data at much higher rates and Americans are on the forefront of data usage even as India and China are the fastest growing mobile markets in the world.A word from our sponsor:To successfully serve todays media audiences, you have to know what makes them tick — or, in this case, click. Rovis latest research advisory will help. It describes eight distinctively different user types, defined by the way they acquire and interact with content. Get your complimentary copy here.Ad powered by BTBucketsThe report notes that mobile is fundamentally changing the way people interact with the world and is a heavy influence on how people buy goods and services.”

via Mobile Industry is Now 2% of the Worlds GDP, Analyst Reports.

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