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Mark Tercek: Changing the Conversation: From Natures Wonder to Natures Value   Leave a comment

Some critics ask why we would work with companies that have a big environmental footprint. I say, why wouldnt we? In my view, it would be irresponsible of us to shy away from the opportunity to guide companies whose decisions affect the places we want to conserve.

Are partnerships with companies a panacea? No.

Are there risks to engaging businesses? Of course.But change is not possible without risk.And change is critical given the great challenges we are up against. By 2050, the worlds population is expected to reach 9 billion people. Soaring demands for food, water and energy put enormous pressure on the natural systems we seek to protect. And climate change will only multiply existing problems.Solving these challenges will require new ways of thinking. It will require reaching beyond our core supporters. And it will require a shift in thinking, from “Isnt nature wonderful?” to “Isnt nature valuable?”Specifically, we need to talk much more about the benefits nature provides to people — clean air, healthy soil, fresh water, coastal buffers from storms.This notion of “natural capital” is not new. In 2005, the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment concluded that these services are in sharp and worrisome decline.

What’s exciting is that environmental organizations around the world are turning this concept into reality. We are crossing boundaries to put these ideas into practice, connecting the value of nature to a broader audience.


via Mark Tercek: Changing the Conversation: From Natures Wonder to Natures Value.

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