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How Paul Martin would fix the world – The Globe and Mail   Leave a comment

Paul Martin  post politics …still powerful and persuasive.

“When he’s not on his farm about an hour outside Montreal, it is from that office that Mr. Martin, the man who fixed Canada’s fiscal mess in the 1990s as Jean Chrétien’s finance minister and gave rise to the Group of 20, is waging his many post-political battles. He chairs the Congo Basin Forest Fund, which aims to end poverty in the 10-nation region. He advises the Coalition for Dialogue on Africa, which examines critical issues facing the continent. He guides the Martin Aboriginal Educational Initiative, a not-for-profit organization he established to help native youth.

And these days, as governments and central bankers around the world grapple with punishing debt loads, painful public spending cuts and the shocks of the 2008 financial meltdown, his focus is on ensuring such a collapse doesn’t happen again. Frustratingly, he says, people aren’t grasping just how desperate the situation is.

“They think this is an American or British or European problem. It is today, but tomorrow it’s going to be a Chinese problem or it’s going to be an Indian problem. And there’s no reason to think that Chinese banks, Indian banks, when they’re as big as Citigroup, aren’t going to have the same problems.”

So here’s how Mr. Martin, who still advises the International Monetary Fund, would fix the world: “……

Read the entire article…valuable insights …..

via How Paul Martin would fix the world – The Globe and Mail.

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Culturomics: Word play : Nature News   Leave a comment

An absolutly facinating glimpse into the person behind a new , emerging scientific / academic field : culturomics. Read on !


“By mining a database of the world’s books, Erez Lieberman Aiden is attempting to automate much of humanities research. But is the field ready to be digitized?”

via Culturomics: Word play : Nature News.

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Business & Technology | Seattle’s Best Coffee president Michelle Gass turning around brand | Seattle Times Newspaper   Leave a comment

“When we’re in meetings and she says something is a ‘big idea,’ that’s when you know you’ve got it,” said Bruzzo, who remembers Gass using that phrase to describe many ideas during Starbucks’ turnaround — including the notion of using a taste challenge to persuade customers to try its new instant coffee.

via Business & Technology | Seattle’s Best Coffee president Michelle Gass turning around brand | Seattle Times Newspaper.

It is so inspirational to read about the  impact that a person can have in advancing ideas and brands. Strategic thinking coupled with tactical, intuitive implementation works.

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Red Bull’s Adrenaline Marketing Mastermind Pushes into Media – Bloomberg   Leave a comment

“Red Bull has employees in 161 countries, but most of the major decisions still get made either at Red Bulls headquarters in Fuschl, an Austrian village of 1,500, or at Hangar-7, Mateschitzs private airplane complex a few minutes outside Salzburg.

Mateschitz is Austria’s richest man, and Red Bull is the biggest thing to come out of the place since, well, Arnold Schwarzenegger. California’s former governor has an idea why Mateschitz is so successful: “He’s a daring businessman, but he’s also quite visionary for an Austrian, because he thinks in terms of the whole world. It’s one thing to think that way in America, but it’s much more rare when you come from a small country like Austria.””

via Red Bull’s Adrenaline Marketing Mastermind Pushes into Media – Bloomberg.

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