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Dream Big…..and Do things that will last past your earthly lifetime…….

craft till you drop




sometimes we dream big and it’s ok.  while some of ’em dreams seem galaxies away, it still pays to have them there.  yes, they can look like nothing more than a speck of light but just like stars these little big dreams help light up our dark nights.

have a great evening everyone!



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TED has become a pervasive gathering and sharing tool for ideas. Definitely worth speading…..and not just in the English lingua…..

TED Blog

ElenaMontrasio2TED Talks are available in 100 languages, from Albanian to Vietnamese, thanks to the tireless work of our translators. So far, more than 9,400 volunteers have created the upwards of 40,000 translated talks. To celebrate this huge accomplishment, every week the TED Blog will be bringing you a Q&A with one of our most prolific translators. Today, meet Elena Montrasio.

Where do you live and what do you do by day?

I live in London, U.K. I am a professor of Italian as a foreign language but at the moment I work as a literary translator.

What drew you to TED?

The desire to participate in a volunteer program where I could contribute my skills. That and general interest in the topics that TED deals with.

What was the first talk you translated and how did you pick it?

[ted_talkteaser id=23]My first talk was Peter Gabriel’s. I chose it…

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Some very pragmatic and socially conscientious suggestions to think ahead about when escaping your own politcal / cultural boudaries and travelling !

Emerald Traveler

Ethical Traveler recently published Thirteen Tips for the Accidental Ambassador, ethical advice for properFlags of the World attitudes and thought processes when traveling to other countries.

Every time I enter a new country, I make sure I know the following: the currency, the main language, religious beliefs, a bit of current and historical politics (only a few facts and figures), and the policy on tipping.  My philosophy is that if you have this basic foundation, you’re good to go.

Here are Ethical Traveler’s tips for the Travel Diplomat:

  • 1

    Be aware of where your money is going, and patronize locally-owned inns, restaurants, and shops. Try to keep your cash within the local economy, so the people you are visiting can benefit directly from your visit.

  • 2

    Never give gifts to children, only to their parents or teachers. When giving gifts to local communities—from schoolbooks to balloons, from pens to pharmaceuticals—first find out…

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Inspirational photographic innovation : Matthew Albanese” ” Strange World ” flickr photo series….

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Well said. Succinctly said. Space constraints comment reminds me of how the Japanese pay attention to smallness, to detail and presentation. Much more appealing than volume. Advertising gets the concept too….less is more. AN.

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“New templates of thinking required …. in order to solve problems which previously seemed intractable to us “. So well said !

Transition Consciousness

Right now I am in the middle of writing a book review of Henri Bortoft’s Taking Appearance Seriously. Having been taught by Henri, and being someone who now teaches Henri’s phenomenological philosophy to business students, his publisher Floris Books sent me his manuscript early, and it has been wonderful for me to read his latest work, especially since his last book The Wholeness of Nature was published in 1996.

Henri’s book is a monumental tour de force, and I can think of no other living philosopher, scientist and author who has the ability to explain in such clarity the evolution of thinking from the time of Plato to this modern age, not only in terms of liner evolution, but also what Henri calls the dynamics of thinking, a dynamical way of seeing which he suggests was the true teachings of Plato and Aristotle, and which came back to…

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