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YouTube – TEDxOslo – Angela Morelli – The Global Water Footprint of Humanity   Leave a comment

“Angela Morelli is an Italian information designer based in London. Her love of mathematics led to an engineering degree from the Politecnico of Milan. Her love of design led to a long journey through industrial, communication and information design. Her love for the planet led to a strong passion for global water issues. Her love for science led to dialogues and collaborations with research and commercial organisations in Europe”

via YouTube – TEDxOslo – Angela Morelli – The Global Water Footprint of Humanity.


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Joint Efforts to Map Water Levels Across Arab Countries   Leave a comment

“Water supplies have a major impact on agriculture and the environment. A steady water supply is also essential for city life. Cities are growing in size and population throughout the region.   And, because of climate change, experts predict an increasingly dry future. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimates that rainfall in many parts of the region will decrease by over 20% during the next century.

And as water resources dry up, competition for it will get more intense. With the satellite data, working across borders, regional leaders will be able to work from the same information, enhancing cooperation and efficiency. Cooperation in tackling  some of the area’s water issues is essential.”

The ever increasing scarcity and distortion of water resources requires monitoring and cooperation  of the use of the resource. Read on….
via Joint Efforts to Map Water Levels Across Arab Countries.

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10 Perspectives on the Future of Water | Business |   Leave a comment

“Similar to the challenges facing us with climate change, action on water scarcity is torturously slow. But unlike climate change, water shortages are a near-term life-or-death situation. The good news is that the battle isn’t going unfought.

On Tuesday, Dow Chemical Co. brought together 60 of the world’s leading water experts for a free, fast-moving virtual conference that explored the past, present and future of the global water challenge as part of its The Future We Create initiative. Sixty representatives from industry, academia, nonprofits and other thought leaders each offered back-to-back one-minute messages about water as it relates to people and businesses.”


via 10 Perspectives on the Future of Water | Business |

Water : seemingly ubiquitous but exceedingly mismatched in both quantity and dispersion range in the global broadstrokes sense. Ice, liquid, vapour and supervapour…either way is essential and facing numerous challenges. 

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9-Year-Old’s Science Fair Project Saves City Thousands of Gallons of Water : TreeHugger   Leave a comment









Brilliant in its simplicity and yet true to the scientific method. Real results. So here is the application : have your City engineers’ test and ensure that the optimal water pressures are determined and set throughout the civic water system. Every step helps for conservation of water resources.

9-Year-Old’s Science Fair Project Saves City Thousands of Gallons of Water : TreeHugger.

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Groundwater Depletion Is Detected by Grace Satellites –   Leave a comment

“Scientists have been using small variations in the Earth’s gravity to identify trouble spots around the globe where people are making unsustainable demands on groundwater, one of the planet’s main sources of fresh water.

They found problems in places as disparate as North Africa, northern India, northeastern China and the Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley in California, heartland of that state’s $30 billion agricultural industry.

Jay S. Famiglietti, director of the University of California’s Center for Hydrologic Modeling here, said the center’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment, known as Grace, relies on the interplay of two nine-year-old twin satellites that monitor each other while orbiting the Earth, thereby producing some of the most precise data ever on the planet’s gravitational variations. The results are redefining the field of hydrology, which itself has grown more critical as climate change and population growth draw down the world’s fresh water supplies.

Grace sees “all of the change in ice, all of the change in snow and water storage, all of the surface water, all of the soil moisture, all of the groundwater,” Dr. Famiglietti explained. ”

via Groundwater Depletion Is Detected by Grace Satellites –

“While Dr. Famiglietti says he wants no part of water politics, he acknowledged that this might be hard to avoid, given that his role is to make sure the best data about groundwater is available, harvesting and disseminating all of the information he can about the Earth’s water supply as aquifers dry up and shortages loom.

“Look, water has been a resource that has been plentiful,” he said. “But now we’ve got climate change, we’ve got population growth, we’ve got widespread groundwater contamination, we’ve got satellites showing us we are depleting some of this stuff.

“I think we’ve taken it for granted, and we are probably not able to do that any more.” “

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Vast amounts of resources are being lost to leaky pipes – GlobalTimes   Leave a comment

“A total of 6 billion cubic meters of tap water are lost through leaking pipes every year in China, a country that faces chronic water shortages.

That’s enough water to turn Beijing into a four-meter-deep swimming pool, or meet a year’s demand for water in the provinces of Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi and Hainan, the Guangzhou-based Southern Weekly reported Friday.

China’s water problem is getting worse. This year, several provinces and municipalities along the Yangtze River which were previously rich in water resources, including Hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi, were hit by weeks of severe drought, leaving millions facing a shortage of drinking water and 166,000 hectares of farmland with no harvest. Drought also brought the threat of plague and higher grain prices.

Leaking pipes

The shortage makes the water leakage more unbearable. Leaking pipes resulted in a loss of 6 billion cubic meters of water in 2009, and so far no one seems to be taking responsibility for it, according to the China Urban Construction Statistical Yearbook 2009.

Water pipe leakage is a problem that every country faces, but in China, the rate remains high and seems to be getting worse, the Southern Weekly reported. ”

via Vast amounts of resources are being lost to leaky pipes – GlobalTimes.

Waste not- want not.

There are ‘smart solutions ‘ to this.

Knowing that you have a leaky pipe is the first line of offense. Smart meters can make early detection of probems with pipes underground .The quicker you discover the problem the quicker you should be able to address the problem

High density urban populations where the key water delivery occurs are under fiscal pressure to replace and proactively build solid infrastructure.

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