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Why Books Are The Ultimate New Business Card | Fast Company   Leave a comment

“Call it a business card, a resume, a billboard, or whatever you choose, but the short of it is that books are no longer just books. They are branding devices and credibility signals.To lovers of books, I’m sure this will all sound like bad news. But to non-fiction authors, it’s a reality. In some ways, it’s also a bit of a relief and an opportunity. No one is asking you to write the Great American Novel. Nor do you need to sell a million copies. You just need to own and present an interesting idea to the right people.”

AN : so what is a book for ? Leveraging an author’s reputation for monetary purposes ? To attract speaking engagements ? To bolster your personal brand ? There will be many motivations to write ( non-fiction category ) a book but should there not be a core value attached to the book , ie have something of value  to say to your reading audience and a permanent mode to record and convey the communication piece?

via Why Books Are The Ultimate New Business Card | Fast Company.

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