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Billionaire Dethrones Kings in Beer and Burgers – Bloomberg   Leave a comment

Some of the so called BRIC countries ( Brazil Russia India China ) are unfamiliar to us in North America. Here is an example of the reach of Brazilian entrepeneurs and why they can have an impact on our businesses here….

“Garantia was a paradise for ambitious, entrepreneurial people,” Pereira says. “This ‘virus’ of the Garantia culture infected the Brazilian corporate world. It is amazing the number of businessmen I work with who admire the Garantia model.”

via Billionaire Dethrones Kings in Beer and Burgers – Bloomberg.

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BRICS: The New Great Game   Leave a comment



The increasing role and importance of China within the Brazil Russia India CHina South Africa (BRICS) trading group .

“South Africa’s entry into BRICS represents a diplomatic coup for China. By roping South Africa into the group, China is trying to undercut the relevance of the IBSA Dialogue Forum (with India, Brazil and South Africa as members) that aims to promote South-South cooperation among democracies. South Africa knows that despite having more in common with India, China may ultimately hold more economic and political clout. Trade between China and South Africa was $25.6 billion in 2010, making China South Africa’s largest trading partner, and South Africa China’s second largest partner in Africa. In contrast, in 2009-2010, India-South Africa trade was just $7.73 billion. Chinese investments in South Africa also provide far more jobs than Indian ones, and China’s backing can further South African interests in forums like the UNSC.”

via BRICS: The New Great Game.

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