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Coffee Flour Coming Soon to the Baking Aisle – D-brief |   Leave a comment

Coffee Flour Coming Soon to the Baking Aisle – D-brief |

“By Carl Engelking | April 11, 2014 2:56 pm

Growing, harvesting and roasting the coffee beans for your morning cup of java generates a lot of waste. But a Vancouver-based startup company now turns coffee castoffs into bread, cakes and pasta dough.

Coffee beans are actually seeds, extracted from fruits called coffee cherries. Once coffee producers remove the beans, the leftover fruit is usually cast aside and left to decompose. That is, until a company called CF Global Holdings came up with a method to convert the discarded fruit into nutritious flour.

This coffee flour is gluten free and contains more iron than spinach, more protein than kale, and more fiber than whole grain flour, Businessweek reports. It doesn’t contain high levels of caffeine — a person would need to consume 16 slices of coffee flour bread to get the jolt of one cup of joe. And instead of tasting like coffee, the flour’s flavor has hints of floral citrus and roasted fruit.

“My wife made some shortbread cookies and granola,” CF Global’s Dan Belliveau told Businessweek. “When it actually tasted good we thought, wow, we’ve got something here.”

In addition to minimizing waste from coffee production, Belliveau also hopes the flour will help coffee growers take home additional income, and give them a leg up in a globally competitive market. Coffee flour is currently being produced in factories in Hawaii, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico and Vietnam. The flour should be available for purchase by next year, according to the coffee flour website.

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Infographic Of The Day: The Definitive Guide To Crazy Coffee Drinks | Co. Design   Leave a comment

The basics of coffee drinks in one infographic !


“If you’re like me and T.S. Eliot, you’ve measured out your life with coffee spoons. But chances are, the actual amount of caffeine you consume versus the volume you drink is a fuzzier matter. If you go in for those fancy coffee drinks, you’re getting proportionately less caffeine than if you went for a straight shot of espresso, as this nifty Venn diagram, by the London-based graphic designer David Staffell, so clearly illustrates. Of course, as a coffee connoisseur, you already know all this, but it’s still cool to see it laid out in graphic shorthand.”

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Sip, Spit, Grade: Coffee Experts Crown Colombia’s Best Beans | Magazine   1 comment

Coffee marketing is more and more sophisticated.  Who knew  that “ coffee gourmandism has the potential to rival oenophilia’s cultish obsessiveness. Watts notes that while the fruit of the vine incorporates about 200 different taste-bestowing elements, more than 800 distinct flavor- and aroma-imparting compounds have been detected in java. “In 30 years or so,” he says, “our taste in coffee will match our taste in wine.” ? ” 

“The first Cup of Excellence competition was held 12 years ago in Brazil. Any farmer in the nation could submit beans for consideration. A panel of importers, roasters, and expert sippers selected a winner, which was then sold for exorbitant sums in an Internet auction. Susie Spindler, executive director of the Alliance for Coffee Excellence, masterminded the format, which was exported to countries across Latin America and to Rwanda. She now has her eyes set on Burundi, Kenya, and Tanzania. “Cup of Excellence has completely changed the infrastructure of how coffees are sold,” she says.

Once upon a time, coffee-growing countries were focused solely on maximizing the volume of beans produced. But the more that bean quality has affected price, the more impassioned coffee-producing nations have become about divergent strains and varietals. At last year’s Colombian Cup of Excellence, the winning beans, called Finca La Loma, caused a scandal. They garnered a score of 94.92, the highest in the history of the Colombian coffee industry, and judges declared that the velvety brew was exceptionally sweet and smacked of clover and watermelon. A 2,000-pound microlot sold at auction to a consortium of international buyers for $40.09 a pound, which translated to a staggering street value of $260 a kilo in Japan.”

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