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Tunisian artist graffitis minaret, fights intolerance –   Leave a comment

” eL Seed, a 31-year-old French Tunisian artist, has just used his distinctive style of Arabic street art, which he calls “calligraffiti,” to decorate the tallest minaret in Tunisia with a verse from the Quran that tackles intolerance.”Street art is not new to Tunisia, but it was much more small scale before the revolution,” he said. “I would do a wall in a community and people in the neighborhood would come along and help me.

“In the beginning I would work when no-one was around, but as I got more well-known, people would invite me to decorate their walls.”

After the revolution in January 2011, street art was possible on a bigger scale, he said.

“Before the revolution art in Tunisia was quite bourgeois, but if you put big pieces of art on walls it is for everyone,” said eL Seed, now living in Montreal, Canada.

“The revolution pushed people to be more creative because before they were scared — and now they have more freedom.”

eL Seed said he believed both the artists and the religious extremists were showing intolerance and he wanted to bring a message of tolerance.

“My goal was to bring people together, which is why I chose these words from the Quran,” said eL Seed. “I like graffiti because it brings art to everyone. I like the fact of democratizing art. “

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Good Governance Series: Which Goverment Is Best – SPIEGEL ONLINE   Leave a comment

Of all the governing styles in the world, does one country stand out as more successful than the others? 

The debate over the best form of government has been raging ever since the days of Plato and Aristotle. Nevertheless, empirical studies about how government actions affect citizens have only been conducted in the last few decades. Probably the most ambitious attempt to evaluate the world’s governments comprehensively is being carried out by the Bertelsmann Stiftung in Germany.”

AN : what a superb question ! This comes from a four part series of articles in the well known German publication Der Spiegel….which, incidently , means “The Mirror “. The question is something to reflect upon  🙂

via Good Governance Series: Which Goverment Is Best – SPIEGEL ONLINE.

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Billionaire Facing Death Threats Says Egypt Risks Becoming Iran – Bloomberg   Leave a comment

Sawiris’s anguish is writ large in Egypt and beyond as newly liberated populations wrestle with the unaccustomed task of reinventing political systems — and the economic and civil institutions that go with them. On Nov. 28, Egyptians will begin voting for a new parliament that will appoint a committee to rewrite the constitution. The Free Egyptians party is pushing a secular, free-market agenda ahead of the elections. With the worsening economy set to foster more turmoil, the party is also advocating social programs for the poor.

Dreams of Democracy

For Egypt, the elections will determine whether the dreams of pro-democracy demonstrators will become reality or be smashed by sectarian turmoil and continued military rule. At stake for the wider region is whether Islamists or secular parties gain the upper hand and whether newly elected governments can kick- start stalled economies.

via Billionaire Facing Death Threats Says Egypt Risks Becoming Iran – Bloomberg.

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US funds shadow networks, builds ‘internet in a suitcase’ for repressed protesters — Engadget   Leave a comment

“Whether a repressive government, a buggy DNS server or a little old lady is behind your internet outage, it can’t be much fun, but the US government sympathizes with your plight if you’re dealing with reason number one. The New York Times reports that the US State Department will have spent upwards of $70 million on “shadow networks” which would allow protesters to communicate even if powers that be pull the traditional plug — so far, it’s spent at least $50 million on a independent cell phone network for Afghanistan, and given a $2 million grant to members of the New America Foundation creating the “internet in a suitcase”

Last we’d heard, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had pledged $25 million for just this sort of internet freedom, and the New America Foundation had applied for some of those bucks — see our more coverage links below — but it sounds like the money is flowing fast, and in multiple directions now.”

via US funds shadow networks, builds ‘internet in a suitcase’ for repressed protesters — Engadget.

As much as this may seem trivial or offensive , any good tool used for good purposes is empowering and freeing. We have and are seeing the power of  the Internet and social media in the Middle East  in the Arab Spring uprisings. This “Internet in a suitcase ”  would  enable the voice of democracy and freedom via communication to occur in the case  where a repressive government may wish to suppress the outflow of information. Knowledge is power and getting that knowledge out to the right people and to the greater global community keeps governments honest and the world informed . People do care but they need information to help them gather support and make timely and proper decisions.

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