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An Investment in Recycling Will Create Millions of New Green Jobs |   Leave a comment

More Jobs, Less Pollution report….need to think different ly about our waste and ways of dealing with it…


“There is increasing pressure to combust the materials in our waste stream for one time energy benefit. But this is not only a waste a resources, it is a jobs killer: The new report More Jobs, Less Pollution shows that recycling produces between 10 to 20 times more jobs per ton of material processed than does combustion or landfilling.However, the United States lacks the policies to recover higher levels of materials from our wastes and we lack the policies to get the materials that we do recover recycled at manufacturing facilities in the USA. As a result, the recycling system in the USA is underachieving, and it is supporting jobs abroad. The promise of recycling remains unfulfilled.We need to change that.”

via An Investment in Recycling Will Create Millions of New Green Jobs |

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Italy: Call in the G20? – Carnegie Endowment for International Peace   Leave a comment

“A bailout of Italy—on the order of that organized for Greece, Ireland, and Portugal—would require a loan of $1.4 trillion. Bailing out Spain would cost an additional $700 billion. Such sums, representing some 16 percent of eurozone GDP, are unlikely from eurozone members alone, even if the IMF provides one-third of these amounts. Such bailouts would not only strain the frail political support for these exercises to the breaking point, they would also call into question the debt-carrying capacity of the core European countries.

At the same time, given the systemic global implications of a financial collapse in Italy, and possibly Spain, the rest of the G20 could hardly stand idly by as another Lehman-class global credit crunch unfolded.

A globally coordinated bailout—led by the IMF and including bilateral assistance from the United States, Japan, China, the UK, and other countries—would amount to 5 percent of the rest of the G20’s GDP. It would inevitably have to carry far-reaching conditions not only on Italy, along the lines set out above, but also on the rest of the eurozone.”


via Italy: Call in the G20? – Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

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Grant: Gold Standard Is Going To Happen; Bullish On HPQ, XOM – Focus on Funds –   Leave a comment

The US dollar as reserve currency has increasingly come under fire.. In the abscence of something concrete backing it , a currency has a nebulous basis of value and exchange. The International Monetary Fund’s special drawing rights ( SDR) is a similar based conceptual currency . Gold alone has been a physical historically accepted standard . So it makes  sense to return to a gold standard  but this would cause an ajustment in the  way all the world’s economies  to come to a common equation. Of  course, not all economies ( read: certain leading Countries,  in particular the USA ) would hasten to embrace  that adjustment and loss of power, control and position in the world .

” “James Grant, whose Interest Rate Observer newsletter is followed by many big institutional investors, argues on Bloomberg TV that the gold standard is a better alternative for money management and that the historical evidence is incontrovertible.“The U.S. Treasury market is pretty fine,” he said about bond traders’ apparent lack of concern about the ongoing U.S. debt ceiling debate.That’s a view he admits is a bit of surprise. “I’ve been bearish on Treasuries for a very long time,” Grant said. “People have come to view Treasuries as intrinsically safe when in fact they’re pieces of paper emitted by a government that is cash-flow negative and the printer of the world’s reserve currency.”While Washington, D.C., isn’t at the forefront of moving to a gold standard, “This is not a threat, it’s not a promise, it’s going to happen.”Failing to move to a gold standard will result in “more of what’s happening today,” Grant added.“We have a credit card and the gold standard would be our debit card,” he said.” ”

via Grant: Gold Standard Is Going To Happen; Bullish On HPQ, XOM – Focus on Funds –

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Countries – African Economic Outlook   Leave a comment

Excellent resouce for background profile of countries in Africa.

“Welcome to the heart of Here you gain access to profiles of 51 of the 53 countries in Africa (countries not included are: Eritrea and Somalia).

Each profile includes synopses of the overall state of the country, recent economic developments, macroeconomic policy, structural issues, the political and social context, human development, one sector relevant to development and vital country statistics. Profiles are available in a printer-friendly format.”

via Countries – African Economic Outlook.

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What Matters: Supporting innovation: Why and how   Leave a comment

Innovation. Is it innate in us or is it a skill that can be fostered in individuals and our societies ? Either way , it is a hallmark of the health and the lifeblood of our economies and a secret to our prosperity.

“Perhaps the true genius of the modern economies that emerged in the 19th century was that they achieved mass innovation, by encouraging diverse business people to come up with new ideas, by requiring that these new ideas “make it” with the public, not the government, and by allowing these ideas to compete for the support of entrepreneurs and financiers possessing a pluralism of beliefs, so that ideas that were suspect because of their great novelty would have a chance.”

via What Matters: Supporting innovation: Why and how.

A great application of the information in this article about innovation is to see the evidence and stirrings of innovation in your own Community and Country . Thought Leadership is about stirring up that creativity and innovation and moving that forward to fruitful fulfillment for the betterment of all.

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Global Growth Companies | World Economic Forum-Global Growth Companies   Leave a comment

The World Economic Forum’s Community of Global Growth Companies (GGC) was formed in 2007 to engage dynamic high-growth companies with the potential to be tomorrow’s industry leaders and to become a driving force of economic and social change. As of May 2011, 300 companies from over 60 countries had been admitted to the GGC Community.

Members of the Community of Global Growth Companies convene every year at the Chinese-hosted Annual Meeting of the New Champions and at the World Economic Forum’s regional meetings, and collaborate through WELCOM, an exclusive online networking platform for business and government leaders.

via Global Growth Companies | World Economic Forum-Global Growth Companies.

Some corporations have exceeded their original shareholder’s expectations and expanded far beyond their country of origin’s borders…local to global.

The World Economic Forum from Switzerland  gives recognition to such significant global companies through their membership in the Community GGC.

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Blair, CIC’s Lou to Debate China Global Role – Bloomberg   Leave a comment

“As China ventures abroad to sustain the world’s fastest economic growth, how the government meets the political and diplomatic challenges that this expansion presents will be a key issue for investors…”

via Blair, CIC’s Lou to Debate China Global Role – Bloomberg.

“China’s continued support for countries such as North Korea and Myanmar has also been an irritant in its relations with the U.S. North Korean leader Kim Jong Il and Myanmar President Thein Sein both visited China last week.

China, accounted for 83 percent of North Korea’s $4.2 billion of international commerce in 2010, up from 70 percent in 2009, according to the Seoul-based Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency.

Concerns that much of China’s increased clout, including the $3 trillion in reserve assets, more than double the amount held by Japan, is driven by the trade advantages it gets from keeping its currency artificially weak.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner said last year that a bigger say at the IMF should see increased “responsibilities” in the global economy, a hint at China to accelerate currency appreciation.

More than 2,100 institutional investors, representing $15 trillion in assets under management, from over 30 countries will attend the “Ascending New Heights” China conference in Beijing on June 1-3, Ulrich said. “

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NOW Magazine // News // Arts by numbers   Leave a comment

NOW Magazine // News // Arts by numbers.

Infographic on the impact that the Arts has on the City of Toronto , Ontario, Canada.

ALways surprises me when one has to justify funding to an area that is deemed to be non economic in character….. the Arts & Culture sector contributes not only liveability but also in real terms…an economic return.


The New-Economy Movement | The Nation   Leave a comment

“That the term “new economy” has begun to explode into public use in diverse areas may be an indication that the movement has reached a critical stage of development—and a sign that the domination of traditional thinking may be starting to weaken. Although precisely what “changing the system” means is a matter of considerable debate, certain key points are clear: the movement seeks an economy that is increasingly green and socially responsible, and one that is based on rethinking the nature of ownership and the growth paradigm that guides conventional policies.”

via The New-Economy Movement | The Nation.

This is a most powerful , slow but determined moving tsunami of change.

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To reduce landfill waste, crew ‘deconstructs’ older homes   Leave a comment

To reduce landfill waste, crew ‘deconstructs’ older homes.

Social reconstruction…..overlaid in the pilot program of recycling of house deconstruction materials in Vancouver.

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