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I put my faith in creative philanthropy -Blair   Leave a comment

One of the most important lessons I learned as U.K. prime minister for 10 years was not about the power of government, but about its limits. Some of the best, most creative ideas came from outside government. Many of these were from the voluntary sector. Philanthropy, therefore, is not just about giving but about giving creatively. The mechanism through which one is working – whether it is a government, company or foundation – can only be pushed so far until the system itself needs outside support. That’s one reason why, when I left office, I founded the Tony Blair Faith Foundation.”


via I put my faith in creative philanthropy – The Globe and Mail.

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Liberty University’s Johnnie Moore speaks the language of young evangelicals – The Washington Post   Leave a comment

From this lofty perch, he has come to two conclusions about American evangelicals.

The first is that they have become too callous, a somewhat ironic charge coming from a protege of Falwell, who blamed gays and pagans for the Sept. 11 attacks and called the Islamic prophet Muhammad a “terrorist.” Moore says evangelicals have cared too much in recent decades about building massive megachurches for the upper-middle class and too little about getting their hands dirty serving the poor.

His second conclusion is more Falwell-esque: Evangelicals are becoming too liberal about their faith. To Moore, if you say you believe in the Bible as literal truth, but privately believe it’s a metaphor, you’re a phony. In a new book called “Honestly: Really Living What We Say We Believe,” Moore rails against “fake cultural Christianity.”

“When I choose to believe in God, I don’t get to choose what I want to believe, and I don’t get to decide what truth is worth believing. I choose whom to believe, and he gets to tell me what to believe,” he writes. For Moore, Christianity leads to conservative politics.

The Bible says man, not government, is responsible for his own behavior. God, not the government, should decide when life begins or ends. The Bible says people will take the easy route if offered them, which is what he believes the new Obama-backed health-care law does for young adults, many of whom can now remain on their parents’ health plans.

“If I’m confused on something, I go to a higher source,” he says, “the Bible.” ”

via Liberty University’s Johnnie Moore speaks the language of young evangelicals – The Washington Post.

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